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Changzhou Peng Dong drying equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, is located in Jiangsu city of Changzhou province Zheng Lu Cha Chichiawan industrial park. Changzhou Peng Dong drying equipment Co. Ltd is a professional design and production of various types of drying equipment, granulating equipment, coating equipment, mixing equipment and grinding equipment, drying equipment currently in production of twenty major categories, more than 100 specifications are sold all over the country.
The company firmly to sophisticated technology, excellent quality, quality service to win customer satisfaction "as the service policy; continue to develop, with efficient and quality services in the domestic market to establish a good brand image, with strong strength across the Great North and South xinjiang.
Changzhou Dong Peng dryer drying equipment Co. Ltd. production in the leading position in the same industry. Multiple cultivars design and manufacture of various dryers, for you to solve problems, we provide quality service for your business, my contribution to a company for your enterprise development. Our company produces various types of dryer, stable quality, low price, warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit us, exchange information, negotiation cooperation.
Our company strictly in accordance with GMP requirements of the design, development, installation and service in one, and in strict accordance with the quality system standards implementation, to ensure product quality, continuous innovation in the research and development of drying equipment, a series of advanced technology and energy saving drying equipment was designed and manufactured, developed more than 40 kinds of drying and granulating and, the development of mixed dust series, the products are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and other industries.
The company is specialized in a variety of sample preparation of prototype, welcome customers with materials testing and inspection.
Changzhou Peng Dong drying equipment limited company to provide products and services including dehydrated vegetables, mortar storage tank, special drying dryer, dryer, drying oven for drying oven for chicken pig dryer, drying oven for drying oven for okra dryer, radish, cucumber slices dryer drying oven for drying machine, dryer, drying of turnip special piece chicken production line, prawn production line, metal powder mixing machine, dryer, baking pastry bag and granulation production line, vacuum freeze dryer, peptone low-temperature drying machine, welcome to negotiate.

Address: Zheng Lu Cha Chichiawan Industrial Park
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