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Corporate culture concept
1, work philosophy: because of hard work and strong themselves; because pay attention and increasingly outstanding;
Dedication is the quality of a consistent person; a mind is a trait of a high degree of human unity!
2, marketing philosophy: sincerely create value for customers!
3, service concept: love oriented, customer demand as the center!
4, team concept: clear division of labor, cooperation, no gap, to create an elite team!
5, quality concept: standard determines the level, character determines the product!
6, the selection of ideas: there is no moral, training, use; talented, no moral, limiting the use of;
Have both ability and political integrity, exceptional hired; no De, resolutely not!
7, employing ideas: excellent talents most preferential, mediocre talents most expensive!
8, the concept of development: personal retreat company as the guiding principle, to local, let the overall situation as the core idea!
9, saving philosophy: make is revenue, the province is net profit!
10, management concept: to the next service, on the obedience!

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