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Gender: male age: 25 years of age or above
Major: college degree or above, college degree or above
Number: 5
Job description
1, elegant conversation, large college above culture. 2, respect hillock love industry, have team consciousness. 3 、 working experience in dry industry is preferred.
Please contact our company as soon as possible: 0519-88912205
Mechanical Engineer
Gender: male and female, age: 25-30 years of age
Major: Industrial Design: Bachelor degree or above
Number: 2
Job description
1 、 Bachelor degree or above in industrial design, more than 2 years working experience. 2, hand-painted ability, skilled use of 2D and 3D software, 3D rendering capability. 3, with a strong desire to innovate, master certain innovative thinking methods and skills. 4, good at observing the market, analysis and design trends, grasp the industry trends. 5, familiar with the design process, understanding of strong, able to complete design tasks independently.
Please contact our company as soon as possible: 0519-88912205

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