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Customer service hotline: 13601504085
Service guarantee:
1, pre-sales:
Set up file, contact with customers, introduce the factory technology and related situation of drying equipment, the user needs to understand, to recommend appropriate equipment to implement the sample and relevant technology, improve the technical parameters.
2, the sale of:
Provide user related drawings, technical data, coordinate the installation of user equipment, inform the user of the production speed and quality. Ensure that user engineering progress is coordinated with device manufacturing. Handle unexpected events and keep good communication with customers.
3, after sale:
Send personnel to the user to guide the installation, responsible for debugging until delivery.
Responsible for the operation of users and maintenance skills training.
Providing spare parts for long-term quality and high price.
The guarantee period of the equipment for a year, resulting in a year from the equipment itself in quality after the acceptance of the equipment damage, responsible for free maintenance, such as the fee charged by the fault caused by improper operation, and implement the 48 hours service, which must answer user questions when receiving user message within the first 24 hours, if not solve on the phone in the next 24 hours rushed to the scene to solve the problem of users.
4. Basic flow chart of service

Address: Zheng Lu Cha Chichiawan Industrial Park
Operator: 0519--88912205
Fax: 0519-88912806
International Trade Department: 0519--88296206
Production technology: 0519--88299101
After sales service: 0519--88299221

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