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Principle of multilayer belt dryer

Changzhou Peng Dong drying equipment Co. Ltd production belt dryer is continuous drying equipment used for ventilating, sheet, strip, good granular material drying, the catalyst and Chinese herbal medicine such as high moisture content, and temperature of the material is not allowed particularly suitable for the materials; the dryer has a series of advantages fast drying, evaporation of high strength, good product quality, paste materials of dehydrated cake, the granulation or strip made before drying.
Chinese name
Belt drier
Brief introduction
It is a continuous drying equipment for batch production
High drying rate and high evaporation intensity
Mesh belt
12-60 mesh stainless steel wire mesh
1 Overview
Water Peng multi-storey belt dryer for medicine, high efficiency, especially suitable for heat sensitive materials. The utility model has the advantages of high drying rate, high evaporation intensity, good product quality, etc.. Belt dryers are widely used in industry. They are mainly used for drying small pieces of materials and fibrous materials. In a word, the drying materials must be of a certain shape and remain in a definite shape after drying.
Construction principle of 2 multi layer belt dryer:
Multilayer belt material evenly in the network by the feeder, belt adopts 12-60 stainless mesh. Drag by a gear; move in a dryer. The dryer consists of several units, each unit of independent hot air circulation, part of the tail gas discharged by the special fan, exhaust gas is controlled by the regulating valve, the heat from down to up or down by the shop on the net through the belt material, heating and drying and moisture away. The net belt is moved slowly, the running speed can be adjusted freely according to the temperature of the material, and the finished product will fall into the material collector continuously. The upper and lower circulating units can be flexibly equipped according to user requirements, and the number of units can be selected according to requirements.
The material in the hopper evenly in the network by the feeder, belt generally use 12 - 60 mesh stainless steel screen, mobile dragging by the gear in the dryer. The dryer is composed of several units, each of which is independently circulated by hot air, in which some of the exhaust gas is discharged by a special exhaust blower 4, and the exhaust gas of each unit is controlled by the control valve. In the upper part of the unit, the circulating fan 5 out of the wind into the unit by the side of inferior vena duct flow upwards through the heating heater 7, distributed by distributor 6, into the jet stream to blow through the mesh belt, the material into the cavity. The drying process is a process in which the hot gas flows through the material layer to complete the transfer of heat and mass. The upper chamber is connected to the inlet of the fan by the duct. Most of the gas circulation, part of the lower temperature, wet volume of the larger gas as exhaust gas through the wet tube, regulating valve, exhaust fan exhaust. Under the circulation unit, a circulating fan out of the wind into the first chamber, downward is heated by the heat exchanger, through the material into the inferior vena cava, inferior vena cava by side duct and air return pipe connected with the blower, and most of the gas circulation, a portion of the exhaust. The upper and lower circulation units can be flexibly equipped according to user requirements, and the number of units can also be selected according to requirements.
For use, usually use three devices in tandem to form the initial, middle, and end segments. In the initial dry stage, the water content of the material is high. Poor permeability, so the use of smaller laying thickness, faster running speed and higher drying temperature. In the initial drying section, the drying gas temperature can be above 120oC. The material retention time in the end drying section is 3-6 times of that in the initial drying section, and the thickness of the material is 2-4 times of the initial dry section. For materials with temperatures not exceeding 60oC, a drying gas of about 80oC can be used. The multi section combination can bring the performance of belt dryer into full play, and the drying is more uniform.
Belt drier
3, multi layer belt drying structure form:
(1) single stage belt dryer: the drying material is evenly distributed to the conveyor belt from the feed end to the charging device. The conveyer belt is usually made of perforated stainless steel sheets, and the motor is driven by a gearbox to adjust speed. The inside of the drying cabinet is usually divided into several units, so as to control the operation parameters independently and optimize the operation. There is a separation section between the drying sections, where there is no drying medium circulation.
(2) multi stage belt dryer: multi stage belt drying, in essence, is composed of several single stage belt dryers in series. Its operation principle is the same as that of single stage belt dryer.
(3) multi layer belt dryer: multi layer belt dryer is often used in the whole drying process because of low drying speed and long drying time. A barrier is arranged between the layers to organize the directional flow of the drying medium so as to make the material dried evenly. The multi layer belt drier has small footprint and simple structure, and is widely used in dry grain materials. However, due to repeated loading and unloading during operation, it is not suitable for dry, easy to adhere conveyor belts and materials that are not allowed to be broken.
(4) impact belt dryer: impact belt dryer is suitable for drying fabrics, tobacco, substrate surface coating and other thin material. An impact belt conveyor is usually made up of two conveyor belts. The impact belt machine can be divided into unit sections for independent control. When the drying medium is wet, the part is discharged, and the other part is returned to be mixed with fresh dry medium and then recycled.
Application of 4 multi layer belt dryer:
Changzhou Dong Peng multilayer drying equipment Co. Ltd. production belt dryer for good ventilation sheet, strip, granular material drying, water and medicine for high rate, and the temperature of the material is not allowed particularly suitable for the materials; the dryer has the advantages of fast drying, evaporation of high strength, good product quality. The paste material for dehydrated cake should be granulated or made into sticks and dried.


物料 物性 初水分 临界水分 终水分 热空气温度 料层厚度 热空气速度 干燥时间
立德粉 粗料挤压后 0.67 0.26 0.0007 120 76 0.9 85
立德粉 挤压后 0.72 0.28 0.0013 120 62 1.15 30
钛白粉 挤压后 1.02 0.60 0.10 154 38 1.4 10
钛白粉 挤压后 1.07 0.65 0.29 154 81 0.85 10.5
氢氧化铝 过滤机滤饼 9.6 4.5 1.15 60 38 0.9 150
石棉纤维 挤压过滤片状物 0.47 0.11 0.008 138 76 1.1 9.3
硅胶 粒状 4.5 1.5 0.218 138 6.5-38 0.88 110
硅胶 粒状 4.51 1.85 0.15 52 6.5-38 0.9 25
醋酸纤维 粒状 1.09 0.35 0.0027 120 19 0.85 12
醋酸纤维 粒状 1.09 0.30 0.0041 120 25 0.85 18
瓷土 挤压后 0.20 0.20 0.0033 102 70 1.0 30
瓷土 挤压后 0.14 0.14 0.008 120   1.0 20
碳酸钙 挤压后 1.69 0.98 0.225 137 12 1.4 15


6, multilayer belt dryer concept:
A belt dryer consists of several separate unit segments. Each unit segment includes a cycle fan, a heating device, a separate or communal fresh air intake system and a tail gas discharge system. The number of drying media, temperature, humidity and the operation parameters of the tail gas circulation can be independently controlled, so as to ensure the reliability of the belt dryer and the optimization of the operation conditions. The drying machine has flexible operation and wet material feeding, and the drying process is carried out in the completely sealed box, and the labor condition is better, and the dust leakage is avoided. Belt dryer is the continuous drying equipment used for ventilating, sheet, strip, good granular material drying, the catalyst and Chinese herbal medicine such as high moisture content, and temperature of the material is not allowed particularly suitable for the materials; the drying machine has advantages of fast drying, high strength, evaporation good product quality, paste material of dehydrated cake, the granulation or strip made before drying.
7 multi layer belt dryer features:
(1) the vibration and impact of the material on the belt dryer are slight, and the material particles are not easy to be pulverized and broken. Therefore, it is also suitable for drying some materials which are not allowed to be broken.
(2) belt dryers are not only used for drying materials, but also for baking, burning or ripening of materials.
(3) the structure of the belt drier is not complicated, the installation is convenient, and the utility model can be operated for a long time. When a fault occurs, the interior of the box body can be checked and maintained.
(4) air quantity, heating temperature, material retention time and feeding rate can be adjusted to obtain the best drying effect.
(5) the equipment is flexible, and the belt washing system and material cooling system can be used.
(6) most of the air is recycled, and energy is highly saved.
(7) a unique air separation device, so that the distribution of hot air more evenly, to ensure consistency of product quality.
(8) heat source can be steam, heat conduction oil, electricity or coal (oil) hot blast stove matching
Technical parameters of 8 multi layer belt dryer:
型号 DW-1.2-8 DW-1.2-10 DW-1.6-8 DW-1.6-10 DW-2-8 DW-2-10  
单元数 4 5 4 5 4 5  
带宽(m) 1.2 1.6 2        
干燥段长(m) 8 10 8 10 8 10  
铺料厚(mm) 10-80            
使用温度(℃) 50~120            
蒸汽压力(MPa) 0.2~0.5            
蒸汽耗量(kg/h) 120-130 150-375 150-375 170-470 180-500 225-600  
换热面积(m2) 272 340 352 440 448 560  
干燥时间(h) 0.2-1.2 0.25-1.5 0.2-1.2 0.25-1.5 0.2-1.2 0.25-1.5  
干燥强度(kg水/h) 60-160 80-220 75-220 95-250 100-260 120-300  
风机数量 5 6 5 6 5 6  
内机总功率(kw) 9.9 12.1 9.9 12.1 18.2 22.2  
设备总功率(kw) 11.4 13.6 11.4 13.6 19.7 23.7  
外形尺寸 长L(m) 9.77 11.77 9.77 11.77 9.77 11.77
宽W(m) 1.5 1.5 2.24 2.24 2.66 2.66  
高H(m) 2.83 2.83 2.83 2.83 3.50 3.50  
重量(kg) 4800 5780 5400 6550 6350 7800  

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