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Hot air circulation oven principle
The product outline and working principle of hot air circulation oven
The hot air circulation oven has reached the advanced level both at home and abroad after many upgrading. CT series hot air circulation oven is the first generation product, the average heat efficiency is about 30%. The centrifugal fan is adopted, and the box is in extracorporeal circulation and is manually controlled by temperature. After many reforms, CT-C series hot air circulation oven has been formed. The series of hot air circulation ovens adopt axial fans, equipped with automatic constant temperature control system, and equipped with computer control system to choose from. The thermal efficiency of up to about 70%, CT-C series hot air circulating oven uses steam or electricity to heat, heat the air convection heat transfer on heat exchanger with axial flow fan, hot air laminar flow through the baking dish with the material to heat transfer. The fresh air is added from the air inlet, and the waste heat and humidity air is discharged from the wet outlet, and the fresh air is continuously added and the hot air is discharged continuously so as to maintain the proper relative humidity in the oven. The main feature of this series oven is that part of the hot air is circulated in the box, and the whole cycle is closed, thus enhancing heat transfer and saving energy.
CT and CT-C series hot air circulation oven is a universal drying equipment. It is widely used in heating, curing, drying and dehydrating of materials and products in the fields of pharmacy, chemical industry, food, light industry, heavy industry and so on. Such as: raw materials, raw materials, Chinese herbal medicine, powder, granule, pill, granule size bottles, pigments, dyes, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruit and melons, sausage, plastic resin, electric elements, paint etc.. Special requirements, special materials, you can call advice or test machine, we will follow the characteristics of your material, design and production, to strive for the best. Welcome to your call and welcome.
First, the heating source has steam, electricity, far infrared, electric steam dual-use for users to choose.
Two, the use of temperature, steam heating 50-140 degrees, the highest 150 degrees.
Three, use electricity, far infrared temperature 50-500 degrees centigrade.
Four, equipped with automatic control system and computer control system for users to choose.
Five, the common steam pressure 0.2-0.8Mpa (2-8kg/cm2).
Six, with electric heating, according to type I calculation 15kw, practical 5-8w/h.
Seven, special requirements in order to explain.
Eight, non-standard oven price negotiable.
Nine, the use of hot air circulation oven temperature is greater than 140 degrees or less than 60 degrees, should be noted when ordering.
Ten, the factory car, baking pan size uniform, interchangeable.
Eleven, pan size: 450 x 640 x 45 (mm)
Equipment features
The application of hot air circulation oven and a wide range of variety of materials can be drying, drying equipment are common.
The most of hot air inside the circle, high thermal efficiency, energy saving.
The use of forced ventilation box with adjustable air distributing plate, uniform drying, the heat source can be steam, thermal oil, hot water, electricity, far infrared, wide selection.
The hot air circulation oven temperature to adapt to a wide range, according to the requirements of users, up to room temperature to 350 DEG C.
The hot air circulation oven machine noise, smooth operation, automatic temperature control, convenient installation and maintenance.
technical parameter
行业标准型号 型号规格 每次干燥量
配用功率(kw) 耗用蒸汽(kg/h) 散热器面积
配用烘盘(只) 外形尺寸宽×深×高(mm) 配套烘车
RXH-4-B CT-Ⅰ 100 1.1 20 20 3400 ±2 48 2430×1200×2375 2
RXH-27-B CT-Ⅱ 200 1.1 40 40 5200 ±2 96 2430×2200×2433 4
RXH-41-B CT-Ⅲ 300 2.2 60 80 9800 ±2 144 3430×2200×2620 6
RXH-54-B CT-Ⅳ 400 2.2 80 100 9800 ±2 192 4380×2200×2620 8
RXH-5-C CT-C-O 25 0.45 5 5 3400 ±2 16 1550×1000×2044 0
RXH-7-C CT-C-IA 50 0.45 10 10 3450 ±2 24 1400×1200×2000 1
RXH-14-C CT-C-I 100 0.45 18 20 3450 ±2 48 2300×1200×2000 2
RXH-27-C CT-C-Ⅱ 200 0.9 36 40 6900 ±2 96 2300×2200×2000 4
RXH-41-C CT-C-Ⅲ 300 1.35 54 80 10350 ±2 144 2300×3220×2000 6
RXH-54-C CT-C-Ⅳ 400 1.8 72 100 13800 ±2 192 4460×2200×2290 8
RXH-18-C CT-C-IB 120 0.9 20 25 6900 ±1 48 1460×2160×2250 2
RXH-41-C CT-C-IS 专用烘盘 2.2 60 100 6900 ±2 1140×6160×3240 6
RXH-25-A 高效高温远红外灭菌烘箱 1200×1000×1600 1

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