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Chicken essence production line selling well

Changzhou Peng drying equipment Co., Ltd. honorary recommendation: chicken essence production line, chicken essence manufacturing equipment, chicken essence production equipment. The price is excellent, the quality is good, absolutely is your first choice. The company has both stock and prototype, and can provide incoming material test. You are welcome to inquire. 136015040850519-88299101
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Project Name: chicken essence production line
Project overview:
As the second generation compound condiment, chicken essence is delicious, easy to use and rich in nutrition. It is popular with the public, so the market prospect of chicken essence is very broad. However, in today's market competition is very fierce, how to produce high quality chicken essence products has become the direction of the manufacturers to actively explore.
Changzhou Peng Dong drying equipment Co. Ltd. based on first-class technology and rich production experience, not improving the innovation, has designed a new generation of chicken production lines, can meet the user requirements the production of high-quality chicken, has become one of the most domestic chicken production line production enterprises have, and has many years of engineering case for users to visit the certification.
My company can according to the actual requirements of the user for engineering design, at present, a single production line has 100kg/h, 200kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 800kg/h, 1500, kg/h and so on. Chicken production includes pulverizing, mixing, granulating, drying, screening, flavoring and other steps, I produced the chicken production line has the characteristics of compact design, exquisite production process equipment, the operation of water level is high, the product quality is stable, easy cleaning and maintenance etc.. The contact part of the equipment and material is made of high quality stainless steel material, and after fine polishing, salt corrosion resistance, more convenient cleaning, in line with the QS requirements of food production management and GMP standard.
Advantage embodiment:
1, the production line adopts the integration of crushing, mixing, granulating, drying, cooling and sieving, perfuming section form, which function is clear, and the organic combination of overall operation. Achieve process flow.
2, the core part of the production line: drying system. By stepwise heating way, pre drying section with high pressure and low air blower, the particles are wet chicken completely fluidized drying section; the use of fan low pressure and high volume, unit time away moisture, uniform drying; cooling section with high air volume fan, can quickly take away the heat, reduce product the temperature is reached, water control requirements, and facilitate the subsequent packaging process.
3. Drying medium circulation system: blower, heater and air inlet pipe are made of stainless steel, so as to avoid the possibility that the product is polluted by unclean air.
4. The quick and open structure is adopted between the upper and the lower beds of the drying mainframe, and the traditional structure is bolted and fixed, and the system is thoroughly cleaned.
Pass 5, paving a combined structure, preceding the use of tongue hole, so that the material can smooth moving along without leakage phenomenon; in the back ends of the straight hole, hot air penetration rate is higher, the drying process of the heat exchange more fully.
6, the body is made of stainless steel seamless steel tube support, the bed structure is more solid, long service life.
7, the bed body is made of stainless steel with welding production, avoid washing sewage into the insulation layer, thus affecting the quality of products, and also has a clean, convenient cleaning equipment.
8, the system is equipped with a belt vacuum crushing machine, high-speed mixer, material transfer conveyor, screening unit and one flavoring. The production line of efficient combination, overall beautiful, stable performance, the industry has been recognized by senior people praise.

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