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CT-C series hot air circulating oven set of similar products at home and abroad long, carefully designed several upgrades, reached domestic and international advanced level, the steam or electricity to heat, through the heat exchanger by heating, forced circulation air blower. Hot air flow through the drying and heat transfer of materials, and take away the volatile moisture of materials. According to the different requirements of different state of material and drying process, adjustable air discharge and circulation ratio, so as to achieve the drying rate and the heat utilization rate of dual purpose to improve, this is the advantage of hot air circulation oven.
In order to minimize the temperature inside, in addition to relying on the circulating air forced convection heat transfer in the oven on both sides of a wind device can be adjusted, adjust the wind vane angle on the temperature of each point of the line before and after. The temperature automatic control device can keep the temperature in the box constant, and automatically alarm when the value exceeds the limit.
Hot air circulation oven is intermittent drying rack, all-purpose drying equipment is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, electronics industry, materials and finished products besides temperature and curing, and bacteria unit operation. Such as: raw materials, raw materials, Chinese herbal medicine, powder, granules, powder, pills, pigments, dyes and spices, dehydrated vegetables, food packing bottle, plastic, resin, electric elements, baking and so on.

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