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Double Screw Cone Mixer

In September 17th, the company ordered 1 DSH-8 cubic cone mixer contract entered into force, Gansu Baiyin Puruite Chemical Technology Co. Ltd. of our enterprises from certification, technical solutions, business terms confirmed until the final signing of the contract, hold a deep trust attitude. We also firmly believe that, with our strength, such purchase order is not accidental, it is through on-the-spot investigation and certification. DSH cone mixer has been one of our best-selling products. It is widely used in the mixing of powder and granular materials in the fields of pharmacy, chemical industry, food, dyestuff, powder metallurgy and plastics. From the company's initial construction began production, through continuous improvement, even small defects have been ruled out now, whether from the design, production, commissioning, experience, which terms are very mature. In order to avoid the advanced technology adopted by our company, the problem has been solved and the result has been well received.
We are willing to use our expertise and expertise to help more companies solve material mixing problems.

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